Rome is not only "an open air museum", but it offers a variety of excellent public and private museums. Some of these spaces are so large and host so marvelous works that necessarily require a visit.

The first option is to visit Musei Capitolini. The idea of the "Musei Capitolini" was born in 1471 when Pope Sisto IV gave as a gift to Romans a group of bronze statues with great symbolic value. The most of the treasure of this museum had come from the city of Rome.

Into the green of the surrounding park, as second option, you can choose to visit Galleria Borghese, family collection of classical and sixteenth to nineteenth century sculptures (among which works of Bernini and Canova) and fifteenth to nineteenth century paintings (Caravaggio and Raphael) in the building commissioned by Cardinal Scipione Borghese.

As third option, you can visit the National Etruscan Museum. The museum is situated in a stunning XVI century building with a splendid garden. It was built by Vignola and Ammannati for Giulio III. It contains archaeological departments of southern Etruria and of non Etrurian areas of Lazio and Umbria, with the marvellous sculpture of the Veio Apollo.

The duration of each Tour connected to the visit of a specific Gallery or Museum will be approximately 3 hours.

The Tour does not include entrance tickets to the chosen Museum.