Our tour will start at one of the Roman Catacombs, the Eternal city's underground burial chambers where long winding passages unfold millennia of history, taking you to a time when Christianity was considered a simple cult whose members were executed as pagans and buried as martyrs.

Then the Tour will continue with the visit of St.Clemente's Basilica, where the sound of running water drove one clergyman to dig his way through the floor tiles. What he discovered was the "wedding cake" – layers of history piled on top of each other so that visitors today wind their way down to a 4th century church, the 2nd century remains of a Mithraic temple and finally, an incredibly preserved 1st century Roman street. With ruins reaching 57ft deep, it makes you wonder what lies beneath the rest of Rome.

Your Tour through the centuries will end with a bang at one of the most original and suggestive sites in Rome: the Capuchin Crypt. Here the remains of 4,000 Capuchin monks literally rest in pieces. Their remains have been used to decorate the underground crypt with vertebrae chandeliers, real-life skulls and cross-bones and robe-clad skeletons leering from the walls.

The duration of the Tour will be about 4 hours. It's not suggested for guests who suffer of claustrophobia.

The Tour does not include entrance tickets to the sites and the cost for the transportation.